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How To Protect Car Interior From UV Rays?


Don’t you love the feeling of a fresh, clean, glowing car interior? I know I do. We spend so much time each and every day in our cars we practically live in them, so how can we keep them looking factory new for as long as we can?

car detailing - protection from UV rays

Regularly scheduling your car in for a professional car detailing service is of course the most important, but there is one more simple yet crucial step to preserve your car’s natural beauty. You must protect against our Sun’s deadly UV rays. If you don’t, over time, all the money spent on interior car detailing will go to waste, as your car’s interior will fade, anything leather will crack, and the same goes for plastic and upholstery.

In this short guide, I will teach you exactly how to ensure this does not happen.

UV Protection - A MUST

The most effective way to protect the interior of your car is with the use of products that provide UV protection. Although some auto detailing services will use products that both “clean and protect”, still the best way to go about it is to use a separate, dedicated UV protectant spray.

There are many different such sprays on the market but my ultimate favorite is the 303 Aerospray Protectant. Apart from being an incredible UV blocker, it enhances the overall looks of interior surfaces. Restores shine, color, and the best part, it doesn’t feel greasy at all.

Leather Conditioner - Also a MUST

Something that is widely overlooked is conditioning not only your seats but also any other leather surfaces. The effect of the Sun’s UV rays is very drying to leather. This effect leads to premature aging, wrinkling, and cracking. Conditioning it with quality products will provide the leather with much needed support to recover and revitalize. This can be compared to applying lotion to dry hands or feet.

Jason Tchir, in his article featured on The Globe And Mail , quotes the words of Centennial College professor Paulo Santos. He states, "Leather is basically a thicker type of skin which will dry up, shrink, become hard, and eventually crack," he says. "Leather will need protection to keep its original texture."


Keeping your car’s interior in great condition isn’t hard. With regular car detailing and a quality UV blocking product, you can be sure your car will maintain its beautiful look for years to come.

We have covered the topic on why it's important to protect your car’s interior from UV rays, but what about the exterior? Is regular exterior detailing good enough to keep your paintwork from fading? Check out our article on “What is a ceramic coating and is it worth it?”.

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