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How much does car detailing cost in 2024?

March 24, 2024

Wiktor Kownacki


In the world of automotive care, car detailing stands as a vital practice to maintain the pristine condition and longevity of vehicles. Whether you're a car enthusiast aiming for showroom-quality shine or a regular driver seeking to preserve your vehicle's value, understanding auto detailing prices in 2024 is essential. As technology advances and consumer preferences shift, let's explore what to expect when it comes to the cost of detailing this year.

perfect car interior detailing

Brief History

To better understand the current pricing of car cleaning services, it is vital to know how the service itself has changed. In the past, interior detailing was a simple vacuum and wipe down with an all purpose cleaner. You would also get your windows cleaned and left with a pleasant scent. Exterior detailing included a solid outside wash, a carnauba wax, and tire shine.

Over the years, car detailing has evolved from a basic cleaning service to a complicated restoration process. In 2024, car cleaning services encompass a wide array of treatments, including exterior paint correction, interior deep cleaning, ceramic coatings, and more. This evolution in detailing techniques and products contributes to the variability in pricing.

What affects the price?

There are several factors that determine the cost of detailing. These include:

  • Vehicle size
  • Current Condition
  • Package of choice
  • Add-ons
  • Location of Service

Vehicle Size

The size of your car will be one of the bigger factors affecting your price. Larger vehicles such as trucks or SUVs typically incur higher detailing costs due to increased surface area and material usage. The average time increase is about 45 minutes per row of seats.

Current Condition

The second largest contributing factor to the price of detailing is both the interior and exterior condition of your car. Owners with excessive dirt should expect to pay more as more time is spent restoring the vehicle. To help reduce the cost, make sure to remove all garbage and personal items from the vehicle.

Package of Choice

Most car detailing services will offer packages to fit all budgets. Personally I like to work with my customers to make sure they get exactly what they need, without overpaying for nonessentials. Look for shops that are willing to customize their packages.


Add-ons are services that aren’t included in packages, but can be added for an extra cost. For example if you are a pet owner, most services will charge extra for pet hair removal. Other add-ons can include:

  • Engine bay detailing
  • Headlight restoration
  • Upholstery protection
  • Sanitization & Disinfection
  • Odour Removal

Location of Service

Although not exactly a problem for you city folks as it’s likely you have a car cleaning service within 15 minutes of you, it can be more of a cost for ones that live outside of an urban area. To help combat this, I myself offer mobile car detailing , meaning I have a fully equipped van, making it possible to provide services at any given location.

Quality vs. Cost

When considering prices, it's crucial to prioritize quality over cost. While budget-friendly options may seem appealing, subpar detailing services could result in unsatisfactory outcomes or even damage to your vehicle. Investing in reputable detailing professionals who utilize high-quality products and techniques can ultimately save you money in the long run by preserving your vehicle's condition and resale value.

Average Price In Ontario

Here is a breakdown of the average cost of detailing services in Ontario, specifically, the Greater Toronto Area:

  • Interior Detailing
    • Sedan: $160
    • SUV/Truck: $210
  • Exterior Detailing
    • Sedan: $100
    • SUV/Truck: $200
  • Full Packages
    • Sedan: $340
    • SUV/Truck: $390


In 2024, navigating car detailing prices requires an understanding of the various factors influencing costs, as well as a commitment to prioritizing quality over affordability. By considering the size of your vehicle, desired services, and the expertise of detailing professionals, you can make informed decisions that ensure your vehicle receives the care it deserves. Ultimately, investing in professional car detailing not only enhances your vehicle's appearance but also safeguards its value and longevity for years to come.

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