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Why get your car detailed?

Car detailing is more than just a cosmetic treatment; it's an investment that enhances the overall appeal and longevity of your vehicle. An auto detailing service involves a meticulous cleaning, restoration, and protection process, both inside and out. Interior detailing focuses on rejuvenating the cabin, ensuring a fresh and comfortable environment. By getting your car detailed, you not only improve its aesthetics but also maintain its value and prevent wear and tear. The process eliminates stubborn dirt, odors, and stains, revitalizing upholstery and carpets. Moreover, exterior detailing protects the paintwork, removes scratches, and preserves the shine. Treat your car to a professional detailing session for an unmatched transformation and preservation of its beauty.

Range of Our Car Cleaning Services

  • Interior Detailing
  • Exterior Detailing
  • New Car Packages
  • Ceramic Coatings
  • Paint Correction
  • And Much More!
complete car detailing service on an audi s5
full interior and exterior car detailing service on an suv

Why Invest in a Quality Ceramic Coating?

Investing in a ceramic coating for your car is a wise decision for those looking to protect their vehicle's paint and maintain its aesthetic appeal for years to come. It offer an unmatched level of paint protection, making them a popular choice among car enthusiasts and professionals alike. Ceramic coatings create a protective layer that bonds with the car's paint, forming a durable shield against UV rays, dirt, road grime, and other environmental contaminants. This barrier helps prevent paint oxidation and fading, keeping your car looking shiny and vibrant for longer periods. The coating's hydrophobic properties also repel water and make cleaning effortless. Furthermore, the hardness of ceramic coatings provides excellent scratch resistance, guarding your car's paint from minor abrasions caused by daily use. With this additional layer of protection, your vehicle will maintain its glossy finish, preserving its resale value. Investing in a ceramic coating is an investment in your car's long-term beauty and protection. It ensures that your vehicle remains stunning and well-maintained, allowing you to enjoy the pride of ownership while minimizing the need for costly repainting or touch-ups.


Basic Detailing

Interior Vaccum, Wipedown of Surfaces, UV Protection, Mat Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Exterior Hand Wash, Wheel Cleaning & Dressing

Interior Detailing

Complete Interior Car Detailing, Stain Removal, Leather Cleaning & Conditioning, Sanitization, Deep Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning

Exterior Detailing

Complete Exterior Detailing, Best in the Business Paint-Safe Wash Methods, Ceramic Window Coating, Paint Correction, Wax & Sealant.

New Car Packages

Want To Restore Your Car To That Factory Look? Our New Car Packages Include Complete Interior and Exterior Car Detailing, Bringing Out The Best In Your Car.

Ceramic Coating

Want The Ultimate Best Paint Protection For Your Car? Ceramic Coatings Are Your Only Choice. Our Competative Pricing Is Sure To Meet Your Budget

Fleets & Dealers

Do You Own A Fleet Of Vehicles Or A dealership? We Offer Custom Pricing Depending On Your Volume and Needs. We Will Adjust To You In Oder TO Best Serve Your

  • “I once used a mobile car detailing service in the GTA and the car didn’t turn out great at all, I was hesitant to try someone else but these guys were totally worth it. For sure going to book with Wiktor and his crew again.” Olgie H.

  • “Super thorough professionals, my car turned out spotless inside and out. It was just what I was looking for as it was my first time geting my car detailed, many friends were asking about it once they saw my car.” - Mike Z.

  • “Polaris Auto Detailing has outstanding customer service. They came right to my house and my car looks great! Best auto detail I’ve ever recieved, they clearly pay close attention to the little things.” - Jordan P.

Dealership and Fleet Detailing Packages

We are pleased to say we offer dealership and fleet detailing packages per consultation. We understand each fleet and dealership has different needs and results in mind. We offer a range of services, whether you are looking for a quick simple detail or a deep interior and exterior cleaning, we will customize a package that best suits your business. With add-on options such as ceramic coatings, polishing, paint correction, glass chip repair and more. Contact us today to see how we can assist you.

Mobile Car Detailing FAQ

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